Tariff plan: Capital city (499 $)

Carfinder Smart
  • 30%
  • 10
  • 70%
    after the purchase
Kiev and suburb
7* - 15,000$. From 2010
Car selection
Expert review and report
Expert review and report
Checking the service STATION
Checking the service STATION
Check for arrests
Check for arrests

Cities covered by the tariff plan Capital city:
“Kyiv and suburb”

Why is there a limit on the budget and year of release?
In most cases, older cars in this price range simply cannot be recommended by an expert.
Exceptions are, cars are cheaper than $ 8 thousand can be recommended for purchase, for example, small city hatchbacks: Peugeot 107, Citroen C1, and so on.

10 trips – is that enough?
Is complete. By experience, 5-7 trips and the car was found. A lot of cars are eliminated with remote verification (databases, the duration of the car for sale, and so on).
What if not enough 10 trips?
According to CarFinder statistics, this happens in 5% of orders. In this case, the prepayment amount is re-paid – 30% of the tariff plan and again 10 departures are available to the client.
The choice of stations for checking the car – at the discretion of the customer. Paid separately.

To get a consultation

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