Car selection in Kiev and Ukraine

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We search and check cars in 16 regions of Ukraine

We search and check cars in 16 regions of Ukraine

CarFinder is a Ukrainian auto-selection service

With modern technologies, people can almost completely repair a break-down car, without a trace of trouble. But will it be safe and secure? Our experience and the necessary equipment for the primary diagnostics will save your time and money for future trips, while the official service report will confirm the condition of the car. We have access to databases and we are able to check the mileage, what works have been done, whether there have been accidents and the real number of owners. Our agents are present in 16 cities in Ukraine. We know where to look and how to bargain. Don't care, just do what you need to do. We guarantee to work out our reward!

Work since 2015. 24 experts. 16 cities. Reports in Telegram.

Why do you need it?


We know where to look. We minimize the risk of buying used cars


16 cities in Ukraine. You don't need to make useless appointments


We select the car according to your requirements. We will work out our reward

What they say about us

Remote inspection of cars. We know how to buy a decent car.

We will save time and spent nerves from communicating with sellers. Save money on buying

Where to start the car selection?

Choose the desired car model(s). Analyze the price range of the car you are interested in. When choosing a car, remember that the cheapest car would not be worthwhile. With the price range of $20,000-$24,000 for a car of similar age, it is worth to focus on the average price of $22,000 (not $20,000) and hope for bargaining. You don’t need to focus on offers in small towns in outlying regions either. They have neither service nor roads. Such car will not pass the CarFinder test and is likely to be problematic. We will find the best car, perform the checks and save your money with reasoned bargaining.