For what?
Ordering the selection of a car in CarFinder, you gain our experience.
You pay not for 10 trips, not for accompaniment of deal, although this is all included in the tariff.
You buy time, peace and strong nerves.
Every day we inspect more than 30 cars. In Kiev, the company staff already exceeded 10 people.
You can always come to the office and talk in person.
90% of our services are free — we know how to bargain!

When and how to pay? After agreeing the budget and car for the search.
Prior to the departure of the expert, a prepayment of only 50% of the cost of our services.
We supportyou during the whole process of re-issue of documents and we will ask you to pay for our services only after you get the technical certificate.

Additional charges: The service check will cost, on average, 1500 UAH for budget cars, and 4000-8000 UAH. for premium brands, and the car registration at the service center of the Police will cost 1,400 UAH.