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We check the car and make a detailed report

We make a full diagnostics at the official vehicle service station

We check the car for previous accidents and arrests by official databases of the Police

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We get civil liability and car insurance (CASCO) at great prices!

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Let’s have a look at a real example

We receive a request from a client:
BMW F30 or alternative car 12 or 14 of the year of issue, with a budget up to 25 000 $

First of all, we select ads that meet the corresponding requirements and,together with the customer, define options for detailed consideration. It is a consulting stage, it is free and its main purpose is to analyze whether the desired coincides with the possible, in other words, whether there is enough budget for the purchase. A car that would pass the CarFinder check will not be the cheapest. We will stand for the client and bargain till the end, but the cars in the remote areas of Ukraine with a clearly low price are likely to be problematic or non-existent. The next step is to create a Telegram chat with the client and start the working process. We make viewing appointments, examine the car, check the paint film with athickness gauge and make a video and photo report of all hidden details.We check the car in the Police database. We check the number of owners, accidents and arrests. After receiving the VIN-code, we send a request to the brand dealer center. If the car has been serviced or, at least, has been at the official service center several times, we will be able to find out the mileage and the works that have been performed. This is the primary expert visit. If the vehicle passes our tests, we recommend the customer to carry out a technical checkup at the vehicle service station. We support the diagnostics, make a video and show the service report. At this stage, as a rule, there are only two ways: the car is of interest, we bargain and register or we keep looking for a car (i.e., the car has failed the test at the service center).

One of the reports:

Paint film check: test passed. Interior and wheel scuffs: not detected. Chips, indents: on the video. Service book check: empty, no marks (first nonconformity). Technical certificate check: the owner is a woman from Donetsk. Real vehicle manufacture year: 2013, not 2014 (second nonconformity with the information in the advertisement). Check of bills for the works performed: all are made in different regions of Ukraine. The
seller insists that s/he is the first owner and had the service work during business trips. Check by the Police database showed that the car had 4 different owners. Each owner registered the car and sold it after a few months.


We showed our report to the seller and she/he said that she would not sell us the car. Let’s move on.

Selection of ads
Paint measurements
Paint measurements
New certificate of the lucky owner