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Analysis of the dynamics of the price of a car on sale
Expert inspection
Expert inspection
Measurement of the thickness of the paint coating
Measurement of the thickness of the paint coating
Analysis of the probability of an accident and their impact on the condition of the car
Analysis of the probability of an accident and their impact on the condition of the car
Verification of signs of correction car mileage
Verification of signs of correction car mileage
Computer diagnostics
Computer diagnostics
CarFax, AutoDNA report for fitted cars
CarFax, AutoDNA report for fitted cars
Legal check of restrictions
Legal check of restrictions
The real number of owners
The real number of owners
CarFinder inspection report
CarFinder inspection report


Expert Car Diagnostic Center from CarFinder

Have you decided to buy a used car and want to know more about it than a conclusion about the condition of the chassis and the result of computer diagnostics from an authorized dealer?

Expert examination cost:

(Depending on the cost of the car, thousand dollars)

  • up to $ 20 – $ 79
  • $ 20-40 – $ 109
  • $ 40-60 – $ 199
  • 60-80 $ – $ 299
  • 80 $ + – on request

“I will order a full range of checks at the service station and all on which autoexpert?”

Today, an autoexamination is necessary not only after the troubles associated with the assessment of insurance damage and the cost of compensation. This is exactly what auto experts have been doing for years, carrying out calculations and calculating the cost of car repairs.

At CHECK-POINT, we provide expert pre-purchase vehicle inspection. This will not replace the need for a technical inspection at the service station, but it will allow you to know more about the car of interest than the seller declares, and three lines with deficiencies in the chassis from the technical station. It’s amazing how cars were bought and sold for many years.

The thickness gauge will not make an autoexpert out of the buyer. Two repainted doors will give a false opinion about cosmetic flaws in the past, but without the proper level of knowledge, it will not work to find out if the body parts are disassembled.

And what about the threshold? Weld spots, sealant, airbags or snag? Cars from the USA, how to check?

Having obtained the VIN code, you can see the condition in which you bought at the auction. If you do not fall for the tricks of scammers who restored the car after a serious accident to a state of minor body damage and re-put it up for auction. This happens, and, unfortunately, not rarely. A car in Ukraine, sold with a wonderful description – how to check the level of restoration work? Did you do it conscientiously or for sale? Straightened or changed to new ones?

There is no service history, how can I check the mileage? The steering wheel was restored, the leather interior was repainted, and an inexperienced buyer can believe in 115 thousand mileage in 10 years. We hasten to upset, but most cars over 6 years old have undergone mileage adjustments.

Experts from CarFinder check all this and much more at the CHECK-POINT expert vehicle diagnostics center.

  • An American car from an auction? In what condition did you buy it, how was it repaired? What spare parts?
  • European diesel station wagon, with the declared mileage for 5 years – 115 thousand? How to check?
  • I myself found a car on a car sales website, how can I protect myself from buying a problem car?


As part of this package, the following checks will be carried out:

  • Expert examination;
  • Checking the car with a thickness gauge;
  • Verification of compliance with the factory standards of mounting elements (bolts, seams, etc.)
  • Analysis of the depth of the repair, if any, and its possible impact on the operation of the car;
  • Analysis of signs of mileage correction;
  • Reading the existing errors in the vehicle blocks;
  • Checking for fines and prohibitions or restrictions on the sale of cars;
  • Checking the number of vehicle registrations;
  • Test drive;
  • Basic Leakage Review;
  • Sound analysis of engine operation;
  • CarFax, AutoDNA for cars imported from abroad.

✓ A specially created Telegram chat will gradually receive photos, videos and text materials of the report. At any time, you can ask clarifying questions if any arise.

✓ Based on the results of the expert examination, this vehicle [may / cannot] be recommended for further diagnostics at a service station.

Phone for appointment: (097) 317 0077