Vítara! Okay is like that.

Pleasant externally, lavish inside, honest price.

From this year’s basic engines 1 L Turbo, before that-1.6 and 6 STUPENEVIJ MACHINE. For the city is quite enough. Safe.Читать далее…

Customer feedback or how to buy a Mazda 6

A long and interesting story, but read it and subscribe to the page of the guys, I believe is necessary.
Choose and buy a car simply. It’s like riding a bike
That burns, you burn and everything burns, and you’re in hell, well, you know guys, as it happens =)
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Say that this is what I wanted, and I buy!

подбор автомобиля по параметрам

We searched the car for Pasha from Nikolaev. It was already for the second time, the first was to find a car for his wife. Selection lasted more than a month. Our chat was called “BMW, Lexus, **$”.

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A good sedan for $ 13-15 thousand, what to buy?

Отзывы Carfinder
Initially, we were looking for Hyundai Elantra and practically bought it with the remainder of the guarantee. But the case led to an excellent Kia Optima! Our customer, Denis, wrote a cool review!

“Finally, it’s time to write a review. No doubt, put the guys the highest mark. There is a real team of professionals here. Looking and searching for the car. Some service CarFinder … Ok Google … Searched for information, thought … again searched … Expensive … Asked friends … again I thought… it lasted almost four months, and then I decided…
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