How to buy a used car and not go crazy | CarFinder

Find the pain of the client and solve the problem

CarFinder: find the client's pain and solve the problem. What is buying a used car for our customers?

- Identify with the budget and the model. View ads and once again realize that there are not enough 2-4-6 thousand. Grinding my teeth I will need to increase the budget.

- Postpone business at work and go to lunch in Poznyaki to see the car. They promise "Not beaten, not painted. There is a whole service history, the car belongs to the wife / friend / brother. " Wow, what kind of people are there! Scratched, wiped, in the service one print three years ago. Tomorrow I'll try to go see another car. I'll go in day time, of course, in the evening to the gym. I'll ask them to send photos of all the shortcomings by phone, so as not to go in vain! Well, how can this be?! What is this hole in the seat, and why is the hood different in color? Enough. At the weekend I'll go to the car market. There cars from all over Ukraine, I will find my own. Why the seller will not go to technical station? Why? And how am I supposed to buy a car without inspection? I can only drive around here?

- So, I need to buy a new car on credit and forget this terrible dream. So, stock, discount, count. Not what I wanted, but new! Tax on the first registration, surcharge for metallic color. What percentage of the loan? Really?

- Hello, Autoria, it's me again! What kind of work is there, soon it's cold, I need a car. Kharkov, there goes the express train, on Saturday I can go there. I put my money in my pocket, part of it to my friend, everything is normal, do not worry, wife, I'm sure I'll buy a car and come back on it!!

- It's some kind of hell. I brought that car to the service, the diagnosis took 3 hours, 800 UAH, the day off passed. In the delivery note there is a list of nodes that require attention. In general, not bad car, but I can not understand anything. Are they all like that at the age of 5? Or maybe this one is tired? How can a wheel be on such a run? Do you know? Who knows? I will consult with my friends. In the meantime, the car was sold the next day.

- Facebook. CarFinder? I need to read the reviews. Now, that's all bots! And - no, this is my friend. Oh, and one more, really? Is it not late to call them now? Is the service in Ukraine? No need to go to the views! And they will ask for money after registration. I can pay such a cost of services.

- 499 $. Not a little. Although, they write - they trade well. Maybe then I will save money. And calmer somehow. And what difference does it make to me? Buy a normal car for 25.900 or 25.400. A seller put the starting price 27 thousand! So, let's work together faster.