A good sedan for $ 13-15 thousand, what to buy?

Отзывы Carfinder
Initially, we were looking for Hyundai Elantra and practically bought it with the remainder of the guarantee. But the case led to an excellent Kia Optima! Our customer, Denis, wrote a cool review!

“Finally, it’s time to write a review. No doubt, put the guys the highest mark. There is a real team of professionals here. Looking and searching for the car. Some service CarFinder … Ok Google … Searched for information, thought … again searched … Expensive … Asked friends … again I thought… it lasted almost four months, and then I decided…

I did not want a particular car, there was just a set of criteria and a budget. The finders understood me from a half-word and outlined the range of search. The search was long and complicated, but I was always up to date.
Have reconsidered a heap of cars with not clear history and dented. There were decent options, but either because of my doubts and slowness, or because of other reasons, the cars were being sold. And then when I had completely dropped my hands, I did not believe that I would buy a car, there was an excellent car with a still valid guarantee. They punched the car through the bases, gave the deposit, and went to register. And then in the mrejo we learn that the car is in arrest (arrested after we pierced it). Disappointment was not the limit. How to be with the mortgage, how to deal with the machine, continue searching or waiting for this …. There were more questions than answers, but the CarFinder team took all the problems on ourselves, and we decided to continue the search. And literally the next day, we found a super cool car in its native color and with a clean history)) The decision was taken without hesitation. I do not even know how to thank the guys for the work done. I recommend this service to all my friends, since CarFinder is cool)))”