Vítara! Okay is like that.

Pleasant externally, lavish inside, honest price.

From this year’s basic engines 1 L Turbo, before that-1.6 and 6 STUPENEVIJ MACHINE. For the city is quite enough. Safe.

Many versions, from the easiest perednʹoprivodnih on the mehanící to the ranked, with the panoramnim roof and the impressive list of the

Increased clearance and compact size make this car more bažannim in zaâvkah zaâvkah.
Why not, because options with close parameters in budget 17-19 $ not so much. Significantly Older Rav4 Sportage, x-trail.
Well, of course, if you didn’t start searching, then theoretically the choice of ogromeznij. If you get to the question of the purchase of a heavy car with your head, without emotions, then in a few weeks the light
Who swim, plûsujte in kamentah, please!

And about this red beauty, found her in Kharkiv.
No adventure, from the owner, in a private state. Several scratches, bumper stained, tires under replacement.
The initial cost was 19500, but the confidence and steel voice of the expert allowed to lower the threshold below 19 $. A Pleasant Profits, considering very negotiations and check The car at the market price in this budget is long to wait for the owner will not become Sure if he’s okay.

Car of 2017
1.6 full reason, panoramic roof, alcántara and carplay, remaining guarantee!
54 thousand. Mileage.