Selection of BMW 3GT and customer feedback


Guys, I want a Accord!

In a good configuration – Executive, from 15 years of release, the official, of course.

The budget is 25 thousand. Well, ok, 30 thousand!

In the desired configuration only a few cars. But Americans, by 15, and by proxy – a lot. Just have time to look out for miles on tidy, under the sly perspectives of photos of businessmen.

And found. In every third order to buy what the client did not know when choosing a model.

And checked. And that’s all cool. In addition to the seller. That does not answer calls, the SMS says that it is not yet ready to sell.

Well, what can we do?

– Ivan, but it is exactly what you need? The car is good, but with such a budget, it is not a very sensible decision. When around they are 15 thousand, somehow twice as much for the same body – well, it is not reasonable. What if…

Further – as always. See which BMW 3GT comes across on the horizon. With a mileage of 53 thousand, official, in excellent equipment and excellent condition. And diesel, and 184 hp And the spoiler leaves with buttons.

This time there will be a longrid, because we simply cannot not attach a review about this search history. They are all for us – like a small victory and the motivation to continue just as we do. Here read our history:

“For me, choosing and buying a used car is a problem. I am not an expert in this field, there is almost no experience. To deal with all the nuances you need to spend a lot of time. Yes, and this knowledge will hardly be useful to me over time. Not to mention that most of the pitfalls can be found only with the experience of buying / selling more than a dozen cars. And here is the way out! CarFinder is just a find in my case.

These guys are a well-coordinated and experienced team. The selection and purchase process is well organized. You can safely go about your business – work, sunbathe on the beach, travel. And at this time, the guys will sort out the lists of used cars, filtering all the slag with a fit and non-standard bat, communicate with sellers, organize trips … They will even open such options that I thought does not happen. In addition, the guys know about used cars literally everything. Experts will do all the necessary checks, will help advice for making strategic decisions, will offer alternatives. It was enough for me to be in touch with them and answer questions in the chat. Just a huge time saver.

And they are funny guys with whom it is just nice to talk. =)

CarFinder is awesome customer-oriented. This is still a rarity with us, and such examples as this company change approaches and set a new level of service provision. They can offer as an alternative to a new car and will not charge you full service fees. They bargain for cars … fighting like lions. Although it would seem that it is not in their interests – why strain when the car is in the budget. And if you, like me, do not know how to bargain, consider that the CarFinder services will cost you free of charge.

From myself I want to thank the guys again for their professionalism and patience in fulfilling my difficult order! Keep up the good work, you are great!

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