How to choose a used car? 5 stages of customer awareness


How occur the selection of the car by the client.

Have you visited a psychotherapist? One of our friends have been. He says he barely opened the office door, he already knew his diagnosis. But listened. And only then he said what to do.

The CarFinder team, as a good psychotherapist, sees everything from the first lines of the application, but reads to the end. Buy a car - it's not easy to choose a car with mileage. It is important to correctly determine the models that correspond to the wishes of the customer and perform the necessary functions, and this is a task with an asterisk. Someone carries a wakeboard, someone needs a child seat, and who needs to go to work, home and that's it. And all these factors need to fit into the budget.

According to psychologists, awareness and solution of the problem takes place in five stages - negation, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Exactly the same - our weekdays!


“How is it that the 16th year Accord is not worth $ 15? Maybe a $ 13 Passat? And the Mazda CX-5 for $ 18 is also not? Yes, of course! Yes, here they are! Ok, here's an option, either? I do not believe. They are full of mileage! Why not?".

Anger is the second psychological defense mechanism.

When we show the condition in which cars came from auctions, which are much cheaper than official ones, customers are angry. One, second, third ... “Yes, I'm ready to strangle them! How can this happen ?! They write, everything is fine, and not a bit and not beautiful, urgent sale! Nonhumans! Well, that's where they write official. Far, so the price is lower. We're going? Wait a minute

Bargain. No, we're not about the price. This is the exact point from the excerpt of the psychologist.

Expectations can absolutely not fit into the budget. With this we are constantly faced. We look through models, we offer more realistic variats, we try to combine desires with reality.


It takes time to come to terms with reality and to recover from anger. “I will buy a new one, I will not buy anything, I will bring it myself. I count, I think, I realize".

Adoption is key.

Here we seek a compromise. You need to choose a used car, which will pass the test and like the client. Not a dismal design, but a cool tip. How many times did it happen? Yes, hundreds. And every day again.

One head is good, and three administrators in the CarFinder office are better. Need some advice? Call in. Just check with us the time. Who knows, maybe the next update for you?