Say that this is what I wanted, and I buy!

подбор автомобиля по параметрам

We searched the car for Pasha from Nikolaev. It was already for the second time, the first was to find a car for his wife. Selection lasted more than a month. Our chat was called “BMW, Lexus, **$”.

What we just did not have to check. In good BMW 10 years we believe, but saw them rarely. Lexus IS, we managed to find an official and trouble-free, but he came to the service by getting ready. Zeroing errors was 30 minutes before arrival. This is alarming. And we refused. Then there was the excellent VW Scirocco. One owner, the whole story, a native run and a body without adventures. Checked on the service, everything okay – almost bought. But decided to unscrew the spark plugs ♂️ Master receiver said – engine for major repairs. Pasha already called and asked to stop the search. Hope to find a normal car left us. And then we found it – Volkswagen Passat Alltrack! Official, fast, in an excellent complete set and with a full history on service. Even the brushes were changed at the official Volkswagen dealer!
.. This is it!?
We realized that we had found a great car. In the budget, fast, practical and German. But we knew that this is a station wagon and the client is not so happy. Recommend and buy, close the order and shake hands. But this is not what he dreams about. We feel every customer very clearly.
– “No it’s not that”. We rejected an excellent car.
Again we began our search. And here restylan BMW 3, with a smart red leather interior. Yes, it’s new! Run of 72 thousand. Smiled, but went to the inspection at 9 pm. In the light parking the owner Andrew showed his favorite car. Here are invoices, but here is the list that I changed, but here you see what a carbon spoiler and body kit. We did not believe our eyes. In the morning we looked at the service, and Pasha packed his suitcase. On Sunday, the picture was drawn up. On the photo of CarFinder: the seller, and the buyer! Put like, please! And better make a repost. We tried our best.