Customer feedback or how to buy a Mazda 6

A long and interesting story, but read it and subscribe to the page of the guys, I believe is necessary.
Choose and buy a car simply. It’s like riding a bike
That burns, you burn and everything burns, and you’re in hell, well, you know guys, as it happens =)

It’s in the choice of a smartphone all the time, you either buy an iPhone, or buy Samsung, but in choosing a car everything is much, much harder.
New or with mileage? Sedan or crossover? And maybe a yellow cabriolet? (I almost bought it, it was very beautiful).
Is it German, Japanese or American? Or let it all go to hell and buy a new motorcycle?
Okay, I guess was decided — sedan.
And then, look, it begins – 100500 complete sets, a bunch of incomprehensible abbreviations, an automaton / mechanic. To go shorter, at night I just dreamed of searching filters in AvtoRia and articles in car magazines.
At first I thought that I could manage by myself, well really, what?
I looked at the car, if I liked it, I’m taking it to the service station and there I’m bargaining.
So it was before viewing several Passat B8. The most epic was when I watched the Passat B8, the seller of which was a very nice woman who was so friendly and charming, and wraps in the car were even not removed, I just did not give the earnest in 10 minutes of viewing and communicating with her.
But something saved me, I dialed CarFinder and asked to make a one-time check-out for the car, well, and dropped the number of the body for a primary check.
In the evening in the messenger, I had a report on this car, with photos. The car was in a terrible condition!!! All airbags were blown up!!! BUT as the seller says – not a bit, not colored, very fresh car.
In general, I felt like a little girl who was deceived.
From that moment on, I completely trusted my СarFinder to find my future car.
The essence is the following – for a fixed amount of $ 500 (there are different packages for the cost, but in my case it was 500 dollars), the guys select cars that you like, check them from A to Z, bargain and make their verdict
-Then you can go try this car.
In my case, Maxim also answered all the stupid questions and helped to determine the range of models and what equipment we are looking for.
We chose the following:

  • Passat CC / B8
  • Audi A4
  • BMW 328i
  • Mazda 6
  • The car is not older than 13 years, the official, with a confirmed mileage from the officers, nice, and that would not be ashamed to show off.

Altogether, the guys warned that more often the search for an ideal car took about 3 weeks and started to work.
They rejected a bunch of different options.
Sellers lie in 99% of cases.
80% of redemption from ads on AutoRia write that the machine is not a bit, not painted. And the car at primary check – all in putty. And it’s just like the most common example.
As a result, the specialists found two good variants in 7 days from the start of the search.
Passat CC and Mazda 6, and then the choice was already behind me.
Mazda 6 – won, as you see.
Now, as for the payment of $ 500.
On the one hand, what is $ 500, when you choose a car and select the most ideal?
On the other hand, the guys bargained with the Passat CC – 1100 dollars from the seller’s price, with Mazda 6 – 800 dollars from the seller’s price.
Those not only helped to figure out the model, found, checked, confirmed the condition, but also helped to save. This is in general very cool, that’s just very.
Well, icing on the cake. – helped to put on the record and very quickly.
The whole procedure of re-registration took about 1 hour.
And for me, the person who falls into a stupor at a meeting with state bodies, this is also a huge plus and a bonus!!!